Melia Dubia (மலை வேம்பு)

We are now offering a fast growing variety of Melia dubia (மலை வேம்பு) named G.K.10, developed by the founder Dr.G.Kumaravelu Ph.D, IFS(R). This variety G.K.10 has been found best suited for paper pulps and match sticks. It is been taken at  the rate of Rs.4300 – Rs.4500 per ton by the paper factories. 

This variety has been planted in Dr.G.Kumaravelu’s field on 2.10.2013. Within 18 months it has been grown to a height of 25 – 30 feet and 25 – 30 cm width. In one acre we can have up to 30 tons of yield.

The trees are developed using a cloning method, under the guidance of Dr. G.Kumaravelu.